“The gratitude that we have for Michelle Siegel is beyond words. Being parents to an autistic child is perhaps one of the greatest challenges we will ever face.  From therapy sessions, to everyday tasks to the battle for a fair and appropriate education, one can easily feel as if their back is against the wall and become overwhelmed.  After trying for some time to handle things on our own and getting nowhere, we decided that we needed help and were not realistically able to handle it. Michelle came into our lives like a blessing. I have tears rolling down my face just thinking of our first meeting with her and feeling / knowing that we had someone on our team that would be our voice and would advocate for our son.  Michelle got more done in a few weeks / months then we could have even dreamed of.  We fought for years and did not even make a dent.  Michelle came into the picture and opened doors we never thought possible. Michelle went above and beyond her call of duty.  She was always available when we needed her.  Any question, doubt, and uncertainty she was there.  What she brought to the table was more than a peaceful night’s sleep and peace of mind to us, she fought tooth and nail.  We mentioned her name at meetings and everyone would go silent. We mentioned her name on school tours and everyone would respond “Your attorney is Michelle Siegel? Oh don’t worry. You’ll be fine”. She is a sweetheart to the family and a total beast for the Board of Ed.  She’s exactly what parents need when facing the challenges of an appropriate school setting. She needs to be cloned and live forever so that she can continue to be a blessing to the endless children and families that need her help.  She’s worth every dime and then some.”


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