“The buck stops here. I am a passionate mom with 2 special needs sons and I know who ‘gets it’ and who doesn’t.  I get fired up when someone meets me with the passion for their work like I have for mine.  And my work is to advocate for my boys.  Michelle meets you with not only her expertise, talent and passion for kids and what they deserve to be fully functional human beings, but also an entire TEAM working toward the same goal.  It’s like that one time in your life you were part of a winning team either in sales, sports, or whatever…this feeling is something I seek out in life. People who are goal driven and working toward the same thing. Michelle and her team are Division 1 in this field and coach you the entire time to get your skill set up to par to be a part of this daunting process for YOUR child.  If I had an ounce of intellect to focus on a law degree at this point Michelle and her team could inspire anyone to change careers.  Get on board.  Stop over thinking.  Hire this firm….it’s like investing in a gift for your child and unwrapping comfort, trust and commitment for their well-being. We are not alone when working with Michelle. Hire this firm.”