“Michelle is truly amazing and so thankful to have had her support and guidance! We were referred to her by our neuro-psychologist who had just evaluated my son at a point when we were drowning in tears and just looking for things to get better for him at school so he can succeed as easily as his peers. He is a student who has learning issues which went unrecognized by the school even as he struggled daily but seen for so long in the gut of the parents. Michelle pushed me and my husband to be the advocates we needed to be for our son, stand up for him when no one in the school would. She is extremely knowledgeable in the law of board of education and was so responsive whenever we needed her. She truly is compassionate of children’s rights within the board of education system. She guided us through communications we had with school, IEP meetings and our impartial hearing. She walked us through all the processes every step of the way. Because of Michelle, we fought for after-school help for my son’s reading and we prevailed! It was an emotional rollercoaster but an amazing feeling in the end. We look forward to the start of the 2015-2016 school year, knowing the DOE is acknowledging our son needs help and willing to cover his private afterschool reading help so that it does not pull him away from his time in school when he is learning core content. We highly recommend Michelle Siegel!”


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