“I have worked with Michelle for over two years and it has certainly been a pleasure working with her. She knows the intracacies of the NYC Department of Education policies and procedures, and she has been a strong advocate for my daughter’s rights to obtain an adequate and appropriate education. She made the whole process very easy for me, and I ended up only needing to attend one meeting with the DOE throughout the two years.  Thanks to Michelle and the fabulous settlements that she was able to negotiate with the DOE, my daughter finished her junior and senior years of high school at a wonderful private school at virtually no out-of-pocket cost to me.  The reimbursements that I have received from the DOE are enough to now fund a substantial part of my daughter’s college education.  I cannot recommend her strongly enough for anybody who feels that the NYC public school system has not adequately addressed their child’s special needs and provided them with a suitable and quality education.”


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