“I know X is one of the best-known ones, but there are other “super lawyers” you may wish to call. I have consulted with four lawyers regarding placement, and ultimately went with Michelle Siegel. I absolutely *love* this woman. She comes at a cost, as they all do, but she is worth it. Like X, she will consult with you for about an hour, and explain what she is thinking very well. Unlike X, she does not charge for the consultation. Their fee structure is otherwise pretty similar. In my experience, she has been really generous with her time. Once retained, she was available for whatever questions I had, and I had many. She has a child with SN herself, has been through the T5 process herself, and understands the opposing forces that are at play. She was clearly knowledgeable and razor sharp, crystal clear with her instructions, and though we did not need to go to court, I had no doubt that the opposing side would have been on the receiving end of a flaying or two, had we needed to go that route. She was appreciative of my humor (always a bonus), and made me feel understood, appreciated and worked at keeping me positive. I had an absolutely top-notch team; Michelle worked closely with everyone on it to provide a united front, and that was a key element for us. To tie that in to the other thread currently going: X was our neuropsych, and besides all the good things everyone already says about her work, which are true, she is a phenomenal human being. She has stood by us for years, brainstorming with me, coming to IEP meetings, etc.  There was a time when I had frankly lost hope that I would be able to help my daughter be in a place right for her; it was X who insisted I not give up, and it was X who recommended Michelle. I hope that you end up not needing the services of a lawyer, that things get resolved satisfactorily for you, but should you need representation, I wholeheartedly recommend Michelle.”


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