“As a parent who went through battles with the DOE for 4 years I’m happy to speak frankly about Michelle Siegel, the attorney who represented me the last two years, one of which, my case went to Federal Court when the DOE appealed our victory. After having experienced Michelle’s expertise, knowledge and incredible litigation skills, I would never ever use another attorney when taking on the NYC DOE again. The greatest thing about Michelle is that she communicates with you constantly, every single detail and decision she involves the parent in an understandable discussion. There is NO other special ed attorney in NYC that does that. I’ve talked to alot of parents who use alot of different special ed attorneys so I feel pretty knowledgeable in the skill level of Michelle, based not only on my own experience, but on the information I’ve been given by other parents. The biggest complaint from parents is that they never get to see or speak in detail to their attorneys. From the moment Michelle got my case we were in communication constantly benefiting from her expertise and impeccable intuition. Last year when my case went to the federal level, Michelle constantly kept me in the loop and worked tirelessly to ensure my success. Michelle never sent me a form letter to fill in but always worked hand in hand with me and told me EXACTLY what I needed to do. Because she was so hands on, I have no doubt that my cases were built strong from the ground up and did not have the same “pat” appearance that many other cases do. Her litigating skills are supreme. I had the opportunity to see her in action during my hearing and I was awe struck by her strength, knowledge and skill. I never once doubted the hands that I was in and felt totally safe and secure under her guidance. Michelle is exceptionally smart and has an intuition that is flawless. However, the most striking asset is the clear fact that she is the most compassionate attorney I’ve ever met. She loves her work and our children and she will fight for you like nothing I’ve ever seen. Michelle Siegel is an expert special education attorney. The entire staff at my son’s school were mesmerized by her skill and attention to detail. She stopped at nothing to make sure everyone was clear on exactly what they needed to do. This extra time, attention and detail made a huge difference in my hearing. Michelle prepared every single witness and worked countless hours on behalf of my son. I can’t imagine there ever being a question as to who would best represent any parent in this horrifically stressful endeavor. It’s a clear choice. You will never, ever regret bringing your most precious asset, your child’s education, to Michelle Siegel. Special education law is not cheap but I can assure you that after working with 2 other attorneys, you will never get as much hands on attention from any other attorney as you will with Michelle. Michelle Siegel is hands down worth every single penny. I am personally indebted to her forever. She made the most stressful days of my life as a mother of an autistic child, seamless.”


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