“A public school student struggled in the (D.O.E.) System since seventh grade for many years. Hearing the teachers explaining your child is not focused, unable to keep up with his homework, projects and failing all his tests. As my son entered high school ,same words from his teachers, same frustrations, tutoring after schools and out of pocket tutors, spending time hours, nights, weekends making sure my son try to stay on task, but getting worse. The emotional roller-coaster my son and I encountered daily was very hard. As a mother to see her son frustrations, emotionally devastated knowing he was capable of doing his work, such a gifted child especially as an artist  (Drawing & poetry) The mother start researching, making phone calls looking for a better way, better schools for her son. She was recommended to the Law Office of Michelle Siegel. The mother and son first appointment with Michelle was such an emotional relief. Michelle emotional energy brought tears to myself and hope in his, eyes. Michelle was kind, understanding “First” and foremost. This is very important. Michelle gave such wonderful legal advice & our legal rights. Most lawyers target less advice and more Financials when and how to pay “Not Michelle”. She’s honest direct up front, dedicated hard worker and a butt kicker. She’s not giving up. She’s not complete until the job is done. She’s trustworthy. Michelle  explains each step of the way, how, when, what, to expect,  she’s patience understanding and a very good listener. At first I must admit I had an trust issue, Michelle said PLEASE TRUST ME! with that said, I did. 10th, 11th, & 12th grade Michelle have won all my son cases with D.O.E. My son enter a better school Robert Louis Stevenson graduated with an 3.4  G.P.A.(DOE “He was way below”) 6 college’s accepted him each colleges with scholarships the college he chose started August 2016 with an $64,000.00 scholarship. As of 09/18/16 my son is doing well, he started a work study group in his dorm every night, he  also has an art & poetry group . He loves it. Thanks to Michelle Siegel law office, my name is Charlene Williams the mother of my son. AND I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE!”


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