“Michelle Siegel Delivers! My relationship with Ms. Siegel began when BOTH my son’s psychologist and the admission’s advisor at our desired school recommended her. They knew that Ms. Siegel could assess my son’s case accurately and then win it. In a warm, caring, thoughtful and efficient first meeting, Ms. Siegel gathered all she needed to say we had very good case.  She also knew the lay of the land with New York City schools—especially which one would serve my highly intelligent son with ADHD and an emotional disability. Going forward, Ms. Siegel’s caring and efficient team supported me with preparation for IEP Meetings and gathering all the needed documents. Whenever I had a question, I sent an email and got an immediate response. Ms. Siegel referred my son to an excellent psychiatrist who evaluated my son further and continues to give him exceptional care. Ms. Siegel worked diligently, first fighting to get the city to agree to recommend settlement of the case. Then, she fought successfully for payment of all of the tuition! — And most of legal fees and evaluation fees! Ms. Siegel is a miracle worker! At every stage of the case, I felt that I was in excellent hands. This helped to relieve the anxiety of taking a big risk putting my son in the school he needs, but whose fees are far too high for me to pay.  I am more grateful than I can say to Michelle Siegel for her kindness, intelligence and heroic efforts to help my son receive the education he needs. In helping my son, Michelle helped our whole family. Thank you, Michelle!!!”


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