“We’re very grateful to Michelle and her team. My son’s academic and emotional needs changed in the course of the academic year and we knew he needed a different setting. It was a very scary decision. Our case would become more complicated and prolonged and the lawyer we had at the time did not allay our fears. However, clinicians working with my son and our own judgment clearly indicated he needed to change schools. We reached out to Michelle and she quickly and objectively assessed our situation. Her through knowledge of the law and experience enabled her to provide us with sound judgment and we prevailed!! She was an excellent advocate – always focused on what my son needed and the evidence supporting it. She was amazing in the trial and I felt thoroughly prepared as a witness. Our son is making wonderful progress at his new school. Michelle goes above and beyond the demands of the job, she cares for her clients and ensures they obtain fair and prompt treatment as entitled to by law. She truly is a super hero for my son. Thank you Michelle!”


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