Our son floundered in public schools, starting in 4th grade and all through middle school and his freshman year of high school. We didn’t realize he had learning disabilities; teachers focused on his behavior instead—which got worse as he got older and steadily more frustrated. After finally getting him a neuropsychological evaluation, we were advised to look at private schools and referred to Michelle Siegel. Once we were in her hands, a good bit of our anxiety disappeared; she and her team helped us navigate the DOE system every step of the way. They helped us get our son into the best high school for him; understand and meet all the DOE requirements; prepare for DOE meetings, then guide us through the results. They were always prompt in responding to our emails and phone calls and always sympathetic and helpful in getting through what can be an emotional, fraught process. They were extremely effective in getting us reimbursed for the frighteningly high tuition costs; if months went by without any sign of a reimbursement, they immediately followed up with the DOE. Many times in the past three years we have wondered how on earth any family could accomplish any of this on their own. We feel enormous gratitude for what Michelle and her staff have done for our son.”


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