“My son received his first acceptance last week.  He was accepted to the SUNY Purchase screenwriting and playwriting BA program.  This for a kid diagnosed with disorder of written expression.  Goes to show what a kid given an appropriate education can do.

I’ll be eternally grateful for the impact your representation made on my son’s life.  My son was broken by the public school system that wasn’t willing to diagnose his learning differences.  I had nightmares envisioning the life he’d have and wondered if he’d even finish high school.  Not only did you give me hope at our first meeting, but after after meticulously going over his transcripts and neuropsych, you were able to deftly recommend a couple of great schools.  We went with the one you recommended as the best fit and and I wasn’t surprised that it turned out to be one of the most important life-changing decisions we made.  My son went from being broken to being a self-confident and happy young man.  He’s vice president of the student council and lead guitarist in the school rock band.  In public school, he was happy being a ghostly figure that wasn’t noticed.  Now, as a senior he’s an outspoken, creative, happy kid who has even made the honor roll.  I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that I don’t know where we’d be if not for the support, understanding and smart handling of his case.

Thank you Michelle, Analise, Justin, Makeeba and the rest.”


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