“If you read no further, I can unequivocally recommend Michelle Siegel to represent you and your child. I only wish I had met her earlier! Michelle was recommended through a learning support network, so it was a blind recommendation for me. I contacted her and we met almost immediately. She put me at ease, said what options we could pursue re: the Department of Education, and said what her rate would be. By this time my mind was made up to hire her, however I did ask why I should hire her over the Big Name Firm? Without maligning anyone else in the industry, she said she would always be the one working on my behalf, that I would have almost 24-7 access to her, and, of course, she was considerably less expensive. Michelle held my hand throughout the process, from keeping records, to reminding me what documents were needed, and finally, through the final negotiation process with the DOE. I was hoping to receive 85% of my child’s tuition, but knew that might be high. Michelle was able to negotiate 92% of the year’s residential school tuition!   In addition to this financial benefit, Michelle is a professional. She is calm, supportive, knowledgeable, experienced and patient. She gently led me through the process, telling me what to make copies of, when to get certain letters from professionals and keeping me up-to-date on a very slow process. Initially I was inclined to go with the BIG Name Firm simply because most parents used a large firm. I am so glad I didn’t! I cannot recommend Michelle enough!”


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