My son’s case occurred as pretty open/shut in the context of these legal proceedings and how one sues for reimbursement. Well, we all know with this process things sometimes take unexpected turns and having received a deferral in the same year we were trying to get reimbursed we were denied for reasons one could only speculate. In comes Justin Killian from Michelle Siegel’s office. I watched in awe as Justin meticulously prepared an appeal and committed to me we would take this to federal court all the way to the top if needed because of this odd ruling. I knew Justin’s passion, expertise and commitment was more tangible than anyone I’ve ever experienced doing their job. Short and sweet Justin is a pit bull- a very smart, methodical, articulate, take no prisoners- kind. I knew without a shadow of a doubt Justin was going to win on appeal and not only was he holding our hand throughout the entire process, he secured us full reimbursement. His knowledge of the law is one aspect of this process….Justin is a stand alone with impeccable soft skills and a passion for doing what is right and stopping at nothing to get what these kids deserve. Michelle Siegel’s culture and commitment to helping families played out in the best outcome even when the odds were against us, I know they were going to stop at nothing to come through for us. And they did. I can honestly say I have never had such a great experience working with and learning from these amazing lawyers.  The law Office of Michelle Siegel is a stand alone and when it comes to our children and their education the buck stops here!


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