What I Believe: My Purpose
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As a parent, you have the RIGHT to understand this challenging process and remain abreast of all developments in your case. I stand behind a conviction that TRANSPARENCY is an absolute in this convoluted and often deliberately unclear process. As my client, you will have the ability to contact me personally by telephone, text or email to access such critical information as important dates and deadlines, all documents in your file, a list of witnesses and other relevant parties involved in your case and the ability to directly ask questions or make other inquiries in real time. I appreciate that in the fast-paced and hectic life of a New York City parent information is power and having the ability to access the current status of your case may help you to sleep just a little bit better

I've seen a child blossom and grow in wonderful ways when he or she receives the educational services they so desperately need.  I've also seen what happens when a child falls through the cracks and is treated like a number, rather than an individual.  Working in city government I was part of a world most people have not experienced. I know from the inside how critical it is to identify your child's needs and obtain the necessary assistance and services that your child requires AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

From the standpoint of an Assistant District Attorney, I witnessed first-hand how challenging it is for families to receive the kind of individual care and assistance they so desperately need.  We know that education and support is key to the growth and development of a child, especially in the context of a child who learns differently.  While only 7% of all public school students in the United States have been identified as having learning disabilities and emotional problems, in the juvenile justice systems the prevalence rate is estimated to be as high as 73%.  This was something that haunted me as a watched young adults, both victims and perpetrators, shuffle through a system that was over-burdened and ignorant of their needs. 

I left the D.A.s office knowing that I wanted to be a champion for the rights of families DIRECTLY. I realized that I no longer wanted to be a part of a system ill-equipped to assist the individual.  If I could help families target their children's individual needs early on and shepard them through the behemoth Department of Education, I knew I could make a real difference in the life of a child, his or her family and the community.  And fortunately, the law is on your side! EVERY CHILD IS ENTITLED TO A FREE, INDIVIDUALIZED, AND APPROPRIATE EDUCATION.  Even in a big place like New York City, lasting educational reform and significant changes are achieved from the bottom up by addressing the needs of one child at a time.

cy I assist families and individuals with:
Obtaining Funding for Special Education Schools and Services
New York City Impartial Hearings
Individual Educational Plans and Evaluations (IEPs)
Committee on Special Education (CSE) and Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) Meetings
Turning 5 Meetings
Neuropsychological/Psychoeducational/Psychiatric/Behavioral/Speech and Language Evaluation Referrals
Disciplinary Hearings
Superintendent and Principal Suspensions
Manifestation Hearings
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